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Annual dog vaccination and annual health check-up – £34 only!

Animals, just like humans, suffer from a range of infectious diseases. As veterinary medicine has advanced, prevention of disease has become a priority. One of the best means of prevention is by creating immunity in the animal. This is usually achieved by vaccination. Vaccination has now been established for over 200 years. Since those early days, enormous strides have been made in the development of vaccines which have helped to prevent and in some cases eliminate disease in humans, farm animals and the family pet. Vaccination also reduces the amount of pharmaceutical treatments (such as antibiotics) used to control established diseases and, in many instances, has prevented long term suffering and death.


Pet Microchipping dog/cat – £9.99 Only! + Free 4 weeks pet insurance

(Offer valid weekdays only, regular price £19.99)

*please contact us for more information

This is fast and effective procedure performed by a veterinarian.
Every year, a significant number of pets are lost and doesn’t come back. And when it happens its very hard for both sides. Therefore, we recommend that your dog or cat would get a microchip as soon as possible. Animal can be micro-chipped at any age. Microchip is a rice-sized capsule containing a series of numbers that identifies not only the information about the animals, but also about the owner.
We invite all owners with their pets to come in into our practice.


Going Abroad

Pet passports

When travelling to or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs:
• a microchip
• a rabies vaccination (make sure your pet is microchipped first or the vaccination won’t count)
• a pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate
• tapeworm treatment (for dogs only)
You must also use an authorized carrier and an approved route.
You must wait 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling.When travelling with your pet dog, cat or ferret, the rules you must follow depend on the country you’re going to or coming from.

For more information about taking your animal abroad please visit page. 

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